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This page provides a variety of resources we have created as part of this research. It will be updated regularly as we progress the project. 

What is a mental health advanced preference statement?

A Mental-Health Advance Preferences Statement (MAPS) is a way to let people know what you would like to have happen if you experience an episode of mental distress. It can give you a voice when you might not normally be heard because you are too unwell or not in a position to be able to speak for yourself.


Sometimes MAPS are referred to as ‘advance directives’ in Aotearoa.

Our previous research identified proactive pre-event planning/post-event briefing as important to tangata whaiora. MAPS are tools that facilitate pre-event planning. Pilot work over the last six years with the Southern District Health Board has demonstrated MAPS have promise as a supported decision-making intervention. You can find out more about that project at

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